Patient Access

Patient Access is a 24 hours, 7 days a week service so you can book appointments and order repeat prescriptions and view a summary of your medical records at your convenience.

Booking GP appointments online
You can view, book and cancel appointments at your convenience.
It is quick and easy to use, you avoid the busy telephone lines and can access the service out of surgery hours. We are using this service for online booking of routine GP appointments. The service works by showing four appointments at a time for each GP for the date shown; once these four have been booked another four will show until they have all been booked. We offer a set amount of afternoon, weekday morning and Saturday morning appointments that can be pre-booked up to 28 days in advance. All other routine GP appointments will be available from 8 o’clock on the same day. We do have surgeries at two separate sites so please make sure you are booking for the site you want to attend. We will not always be able to accommodate patients that turn up at the wrong site.

Requesting repeat prescriptions online
You can access a list of your repeat medication and request a prescription. We do not accept prescription requests over the phone so requesting via patient access minimises your trips to the practice. Your request is authorised online by the practice so you know when it has been issued. Prescriptions requested online do still require 2 working days notice to process.

Viewing a Summary of your medical records online

A summary of your medical record can now be viewed online via patient access. You will be able to see a summary list of a your medications, immunisations and any recorded allergies. Please note at this time this will not include details of attendances or consultations at the practice/hospital or test results.
Future development – The service may be developed further to enable a more comprehensive medical record to be viewed. We will keep you advised of progress.
As this is sensitive information proof of ID will be asked for and you will have to complete a consent form to confirm you understand the necessity of protecting this information.
Please note this service is not available for children under the age of 16 years.

It’s up to you whether (once you have been given access) or not you share your information with family or carers. It is your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure. If you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best that you do not register at this time.

Things to consider:
There may be something you have forgotten about in your record that you may find upsetting.
Your medical record is designed to be used by clinical professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care and may not be easily understood. If you require further clarification on an entry in your record please put your request in writing or via email [email protected]. Please do not phone the surgery as our reception team will not be able to answer these medical queries.

Safe and secure
All information that is sent to your surgery via Patient Access is secure. Your personal details are encrypted and protected using the highest standard internet security, so it cannot be intercepted. Only you and your GP surgery are able to see this information.

Terms and Conditions

Whilst the Surgery makes all reasonable efforts to provide the Service, it is not liable for any failure to provide the Service, in part or full, for any cause that is beyond its’ reasonable control. This includes, in particular, any suspension of the Service resulting from maintenance and upgrades to the systems or those of any party used to provide the Service. You must keep your Personal Details secret and take all reasonable precautions to prevent the fraudulent use of your Personal Details.  If fraudulent use is suspected, contact the Surgery as soon as possible.
•This facility is currently available for ROUTINE doctors’ appointments only, to discuss a single issue.
•The system is set to allow three appointments to be booked online at any one time.
All booked appointments can be cancelled on-line; if an appointment booked on-line, is not cancelled without good reason, and results in a ‘did not attend’, the Surgery reserves the right to revoke its use and remove the patients from our list.
•If your selected GP becomes unavailable at short notice we may move your appointment to another GP without notification.
•If the appointment can not be found on our system we will only honour the appointment if you have printed the confirmation of booking
•Requests for repeat medication will take 2 working days to process.
The surgery reserves the right to change the Service from time to time and shall give appropriate notice of any material changes.  They may, where considered appropriate for patient protection, suspend, withdraw or restrict the use of the Service or any part of the Service.  Patients will be notified as soon as practicable if any such action is taken.  The surgery reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions and appropriate notice will be given of any material changes.