Book Appointments

Make a GP appointment

Please note all calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

GP appointments can be booked by calling one of the surgeries or online using Patient Access and are available to pre-book up to a month in advance. A limited amount of appointments are held to be booked on the day.

All other GP appointments requested necessary for the day will be booked as a triage telephone appointment. Details will be taken regarding the call to enable us to deal with the request more quickly and efficiently . The Triage GP has access to appointments that they will book if the problem is not able to be dealt with over the phone. There will be times where it is more appropriate to see the Nurse Practitioner for minor illnesses and patients will be booked in these clinics instead.

It is not always possible to see a specific GP as soon as you would like but all the GPs are highly qualified and experienced and will have all the information we hold concerning your medical history available to them.

Make a Nurse Practitioner Appointment

We have a Prescribing Nurse Practitioner who has a clinic everyday. A lot of the time it will be more appropriate to see them rather than a GP. Our Nurse Practitioner is trained to deal with a wide range of illnesses including the following;

sore throat • cough • cold • chest infections • ear pain • sticky, sore or itchy eyes • sinus problems • headache/fainting • hayfever • urine infections • asthma • rashes • insect bites • cold sores • eczema • shingles • chicken pox • impetigo • worms • injuries and sprains • diarrhoea and vomiting • ingrowing toenails • cystitis

Make a Nurse Appointment

Nurse appointments are available to pre-book up to three months in advance. Due to the different time scales needed for the different reasons to see the nursing team these appointments are not available to book via Patient Access.

Arrive for an appointment

When you arrive at either surgery for an appointment please book in using our patient self check-in system (the computer screen to the right of the reception desk) or please report to the receptionist on duty at the desk in the waiting room.