England’s NHS app will be available to use as a vaccine passport from 17th May, the government has said – but only for those who have had both doses of the jab.

BBC News have released the following information today:

“A paper version will also be available – by calling 119 but not through a GP.
Both will be available from Monday 17th May, when the ban on foreign travel is eased.

The NHS app is separate to the NHS Covid-19 app, which is used for contact tracing.
People can already use the NHS app to:
– Request prescriptions
– Arrange appointments to see their doctor
– View medical records

It can also show vaccine statuses, including for coronavirus, but currently this feature must be enabled by a GP before it appears on the app.
The new update will contain a separate feature to display coronavirus vaccine records, so the government said there should be no need to contact GPs.

The app will not show coronavirus test results, but the NHS plans to incorporate this in the future, the government website said.
It advised people register to use the app at least two weeks before travelling.

A paper letter can be requested only at least five days after a second vaccine dose and can take five days to arrive.”