Measles cases on the rise in England and across Europe. Make sure you and your family are protected against becoming seriously unwell with measles by checking you are up to date with the MMR vaccine

The practice will contacting parents and guardians of these children to put in additional clinics we will be providing. If you think your child has missed a dose of their MMR please contact the practice.

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Get measles jabs to stop disease spreading – News & Features – Kent County Council

Across England, on average one in ten children are not up to date with their MMR vaccinations, with some areas of the country as low as two in five, putting thousands of children at risk of catching measles and the disease spreading in unvaccinated communities.  

Just two doses of the MMR vaccine gives you and your family lifelong protection against catching measles. The first vaccine is given at age one year and the second at age 3 years and 4 months old. If you’ve missed any doses it’s not too late to catch up. Contact your GP Practice today to book an appointment to get up to date.  

If you are unsure if you or your child are up to date check your child’s red book or GP records and make an appointment to catch up any missed doses.  

For more information on the NHS vaccination schedule, please visit

NHS vaccinations and when to have them – NHS (